Is Journaling Just A Bitch Session?

Is Journaling Just A Bitch Session?  There’s a fine line between griping and self-discovery.

Day and night, so many voices are swirling around in our heads!

Journaling is one way to empty your mind and body of simmering resentments, bitter grudges and persistent unforgiveness.

Journaling offers catharsis. Dump your problems on the page and get some free psychotherapy. Plus, you may just cure your IBS, headaches, depression and free-floating anxiety.

Journaling can be spiritual. A whispered confession into God’s Ear.

All of this emptying is Part One of the journaling process. In other words, the bitch session usually precedes the surge of creativity that results from going deeper than just complaining. Bitch sessions just scrape the surface of what’s really bothering you. As long as you blame others, you’re in a bitch session feedback loop. Want out?

Part Two is for those of you who can stomach doing psychological surgery on yourself. You take responsibility for everything. I didn’t say blame yourself. Responsibility-taking is empowering. You find out what your role was in any given situation or relationship. Next, you examine your current attitude toward the person or event you’ve been bitching about. Then, you stop scraping and plunge in the knife.

Your rewards await you. Buried in your psychological blood and guts is the true you. The creative artist. The one you’ve been selling out all these years. The one you’ve been avoiding by blaming others. The one you were taught to betray because it was convenient for your parents that you be seen and not heard. The one who lies beneath the bitch. You don’t want to be somebody’s bitch, do you? Especially when that someone is … you!

Need help figuring out how to use journaling to your best advantage?