The Art of Journaling

Evoke your creativity. Blossom as a writer and artist. Heal emotionally. Unfold spiritually. This is what you get from The Art of Journaling. As a writer and psychotherapist, I have a unique skill set to offer which I call “Embodied Writing.” You learn to find your words in your body. And you never run out of ideas.

BUT, the kind of journaling I’m inviting you into is daring. It is risky. It is courageous.

You may very well need to hide your journal from all eyes but your own. The nature of journaling is that it is private. Your journal is your womb and you are the developing fetus.

Journaling can be born of desperation. Of obsession. Of passion.

Journaling introduces you to yourself. It is an investigation, an exploration, an archeological dig into your innermost depths.

My first hope for you is that journaling replaces all your other addictions.

Most people begin journaling because they are emotionally bleeding. If this is you, journaling will support your deepest healing.

So many believe that writers can only create from suffering, but this is not true. After a while, to my amazement, I found that journaling led to ecstatic writing.

My second hope for you is that you discover ecstatic writing for yourself. But more on that down the road. You need to bleed first.

Where you are in your journaling process? Are you new to it? A veteran journaler? What would you like to learn? Do you have some journaling ideas you’d like to share? If so, sign up for The Art of Journaling below. It’s my free email series (at least for now) with potent ideas for you. I’m devoted to the development of your unique voice as a writer whether it remains in your private journal or you go on to publish. The more you use the tools I offer, the more you will get out of them. See you “inside.”