Beyond Giving Is Receiving

If Jesus did indeed say, “It is more blessed to give than receive,” I believe it was within the context of people acting greedily.  If you’re a “taker” than giving seems like losing. But if you’re already a giver, giving can become a subtle way of taking. In this case, “taking” is taking control.  When you take control of your self-image by giving a lot and seeing yourself as a giver, you have superseded God’s guidance with your own.

It used to be easier for me to give than to receive. There were rewards for giving. People were happy when I gave them what they wanted – be it a cup of tea, a comforting hug, a pep talk, good listening, some sympathy, money, loaning my car, etc. And I felt needed, useful.

However, after studying A Course in Miracles (ACIM) for a while (along with 12-step work and psychotherapy), I began to realize that giving on human terms was supporting conditional love rather than unconditional love. It was also enabling me to maintain control rather than developing faith in relying on inner spiritual guidance.

“The bringer of miracles has need that you receive them first, and thus become the joyous giver of what you have received.” (ACIM, W-192)

In the above quote, the “bringer of miracles” refers to the Holy Spirit, your Inner Teacher. Miracle principle #5, at the very beginning of the ACIM Text, states that miracles “should be involuntary. They should not be under conscious control.” This is because miracles are being channeled through you by the Holy Spirit when you open to His joyous guidance.

As long as you select and direct who you love, who you are nice to, who you are generous with, who you pray for and what kind of healing you want, you are allowing the ego to play god instead of relaxing into God’s plan for salvation. God’s plan is communicated to you and through you when you allow yourself to receive the Love, Peace and Joy which is your true nature by opening as a clear conduit for miracles.

You cannot do this if you are constantly giving. Constant giving is controlling and lacks humility. It is busy egoic action and ultimately remains divisive and limiting. You must open to receive what the Holy Spirit has to give you with no agenda whatsoever. This is the path to an ongoing flow of miracles. And remember, miracles are not for human gratification. The purpose of miracles is to remind you of What you really are -– Spirit. Who you are is temporary, that is, you seem to be human. But What you are is timeless, that is, you are Being.