Fire Energy & Forgiveness Workshop

Join me in my online workshop on how to access your healthy anger and use it positively.

Fire Energy & Forgiveness: How Healthy Anger Sets You Free

This online e-course includes four video classes, along with an audio-only version for easy listening, and many extras.

Fee: a mere $47 for potentially earth-shattering transformation 🙂

Location: My Ruzuku virtual classroom

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When you know how to use your fire energy well, it becomes your road to emotional and spiritual freedom. Learn to work with anger in this way and you are in a true forgiveness process. I know from personal experience, and the transformation I’ve helped facilitate in so many of my clients.

Experience the liberation of true forgiveness … forgiveness that completely removes resentment and bitterness, and sets you free from past hurts, injustice and betrayal (no matter which side of that equation you were on — victim or perpetrator). You will feel so empowered as you discover fire energy and forgiveness can work hand-in-hand.

So, let’s put these empowering principles into practice! Join me in the online class. Fee: $47.

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Let’s transform your inner world, and enjoy what the world reflects back to you!

Once again, Fire Energy & Forgiveness: How Healthy Anger Can Set You Free, is a potent workshop for transforming your relationship with anger.

You will learn how to notice anger in your body in a new way; how to transform hostile anger into healthy anger; and how to reframe anger as fire energy, a process that elevates your anger from chemical reactions to a spiritually-infused alchemical transformation.

There is a way to use anger without hostility for harmonious relationships. You need fire energy to successfully communicate and assert yourself with others. To maintain boundaries. To stand up for what is right. Without healthy anger you cannot have a fulfilling life. Healthy anger is the transmutation of an internal fire into fuel for a loving purpose. The fire energy of healthy anger rises to the heart and gives you courage; it clears the head and gives you clarity. Healthy anger motivates: it gets your feet walking, your hands building, your mouth speaking and your heart loving. Fire sparks both creative ideas and loving action. It liberates and empowers you to fully be yourself.

This class is for you if:

  • Stuff your anger down is how you cope
  • You can’t control your hot temper
  • You believe that anger isn’t “nice”
  • Expressing anger was taboo when you were growing up
  • You wish weren’t passive aggressive
  • You’d like to be kind and empowered

This class offers you:

  • Methods to transform your relationship with anger
  • Fire energy as a model to use anger productively
  • Accessing your anger without hostility
  • Using fire energy as fuel to take right action
  • Avoiding spiritual bypass
  • And many extras 🙂

Only $47 … value of 4 sessions with Amy + extras = at least $597

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“Thank you for a wonderful workshop! I found it more helpful than I could have imagined. It was fantastic.” ~Helen, UK

A healthy relationship with anger feels clean, empowering, and believe it or not, compassionate. Reframe anger as fire energy and see what happens.

Join Amy and experience the freedom of allowing healthy anger to flow through you in a positive way, motivating right action and burning away your fears.

100% Money Back Guarantee for seven days after purchase.