Thinning Away Like the Heel of a Threadbare Sock

A God-given Message came to me about 15 years ago: “You are thinning away like the heel of a threadbare sock.”

I immediately understood this Message and knew it to be true, although it wasn’t easy to explain to someone else. Now feels like the right time to share how I came to be thinning away, and how you can do so, too.

It started with my anguish that my first marriage was not going well … in fact, it had reached a point where I knew I had to get out and I felt sick over it, as well as terrified of the reaction of my at-that-time husband. I was reading everything I could get my hands on about relationships, and discovered Bradshaw On: The Family. In it, the author, John Bradshaw, talked about “fair fighting.”

Fair fighting was a revolutionary concept to me, and yet was something I had always known although I did not have words for it. From there, many tools for, and forms of, compassionate communication were revealed to me and something that had been off track inside me clicked into place. I wanted to practice fair fighting, staying in the green zone, active listening, mirroring, and much more with my partner, my family, my friends, strangers, everyone.

After lots more reading, training as a Gestalt psychotherapist, and being initiated into a variety of spiritual paths, a synthesis of ideas took place within me and emerged as The Language of Love, Harmony & Beauty. “Love, harmony and beauty” is used in Sufi prayer, and is very similar to what A Course in Miracles calls, “the good, the beautiful and the holy.”

This synthesis gave me a stunning clarity as to how thinking, feeling, needing, wanting and sensing are used by the ego to keep us engaged in its airtight, yet insane, logic. I also received a method as to how to use thinking, feeling, needing, wanting and sensing for the Holy Spirit’s purpose, which ACIM calls right-mindedness and true perception.

At first, I was the guinea pig. No one else wanted to play with me. Almost everybody around me wanted to argue, manipulate, lie, remain in denial, stay unconscious, wallow in depression, self-medicate … or drug themselves with mantras and meditation, without taking a good look at themselves, choosing accountability and getting honest.

It was a very lonely, and very inspiring time in my life. I was thrown back on God, and God, using the Language of Love, Harmony and Beauty, started thinning Amy away. This process started in the early ’90s. There is much less Amy now … so who is here?

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