A Catty Conversation About Death

A Catty Conversation About Death:  After the ninth life, the best is yet to come

Once a sheltered New York City house cat, my darling Gatita became world-renowned for her exquisite Siamese beauty and her demure, regal presence, due to YouTube. People around the world enjoyed my videos on A Course in Miracles, not so much for their content, but because of Gatita’s stunning cameo appearances.

When I say “sheltered,” that did not prevent Gatita from having plenty of adventures. When I would arrive home after a long day at work, juggling paperwork and groceries, she would lightning-foot out the door the moment I opened it. My blood pressure would sky-rocket as I watched her race for toward the street.

When I spent a summer in Hudson, upstate New York, the first night she managed to slip out a window and spent the night doing God knows what outdoors with the local alley cats. The next morning, though I found her stuck outside the window–I must have unconsciously closed it during the night, her composure remained unruffled.

I want to share some of the miracles that accompanied Gatita’s “death.”

Gatita was 17 years old and the decline of her body had been going on for about three years. During these years, she was the catalyst for many spiritual breakthroughs in my life, as I chose over and over again to give my fears about her health, any physical pain she was in, and her death to God … and to receive His Kindly Love in the present moment.

When the time came, overflowing with love for her, I held Gatita in my lap until her heartbeat ceased. Then I gently handed her to Scott. He felt a great relief escape from Gatita as she laid the body aside … and then a burst of joyous sparkles beyond anything words can describe as she effortlessly expanded into Limitlessness. There was a clear sense she was still with us, not as a cat, but as Pure Being. Scott and I alternated between tears of sorrow and tears of joy.

Family of Deer

Gatita was laid in the ground in a place I felt she had chosen and shown me a few days before. Within the hour, a family of deer who often graze on the land around our home, walked along the path near where Gatita’s body was buried. They seemed to know she was there.

After paying homage, they continued into our backyard as if carried by joyous sparkles, prancing and playing with each other. Next, they rounded the other side of the house, pausing to munch on grass and bushes. Eventually, the deer arrived on our front lawn, sat down and settled in. Their presence was full of grace. They sat in stillness for a long time.

The full circle that the deer completed around our house was unusual. It symbolized to us that the essence of Gatita was Whole, Holy and fully present–and therefore, so are we. 

The stillness and beauty of the deer was profoundly peaceful and undeniably confirming of Timeless Love.

The next morning I learned that Gatita departed this world on Guru Purnima, the most auspicious day of the year for Self-realization. For me, this was a miracle-Message telling me that all was in Perfect Alignment and Love was Present.

“Gu” is Sanskrit for “shadows” or “darkness” and “ru” means “he who disperses shadows” or “bringer of light.” “Purnima” means full moon. The nights before and after Gatita’s passing were brightly illuminated by the fullest of full moons. Darkness dissolved in this resplendent light.

It is said that the Guru principle is one thousand times more active on this particular full moon than any other in the calendar. For me, this was a miracle-Message assuring me that all was in Perfect Alignment and Love was Present.

The great contemporary mystic, Sri Mooji, says that we are not living life — we are Life!

A Course in Miracles simply says, “There is no death because what God created shares His Life.”

It is clear to me that Gatita could not die because she, like you and me, is Life. You might want to read what happened next, in Gatita’s Metamorphosis Into The Lady!
And I hope this video, A Happy Conversation About Death, will ease any grief you may be experiencing, and replace it with Timeless Love instead.