The Wisdom of the Infinite

The Wisdom of the Infinite advises us to be good followers because the best followers are the best leaders … if, like Jesus, you follow the Holy Spirit. We are all God’s favorite. Amy references Lesson 233 from A Course in Miracles as she speaks with Corinne Zupko about how the power of the ACIM Workbook practice. A Course in Miracles speaks of “the irresistible attraction of love for love” and tuning in to your Inner Teacher shifts you from fear-based ego thoughts to the Love which is your true nature.

Amy also stresses how the Introduction and Review sections from the Course in Miracles’ Workbook are not to be skipped over because they contain profound wisdom of the Infinite.

If you’d like to practice the ACIM Workbook with Amy, check out Workin’ the Workbook, her 365-day online course.