Herein Lies the Mother Lode

The dictionary defines “mother lode” as a principal vein or lode of a region; a rich source of something. Urban slang uses “motherload” to mean big winnings or hitting the jackpot.

Your journal introduces you to your real self.
There is so much more to you beneath the surface. We are not raised to explore the depths of ourselves. Journaling is an invitation into everything you haven’t dared to say. It is a deep dive into your subconscious, a meditative experience, a form of psychotherapy, gives release and catharsis, and with that comes insights and epiphanies. Your journal will mother you, and give the real you back to yourself … if you let it.

You may very well discover you are not who you thought you were.
Now things get interesting. Free writing, right-brain writing, body-based writing, among other methods, reveal the mysteries of you. A beautiful, undiscovered you. This you includes your dark shadow side … and your illuminated resplendent side. (Well worth your time to look words up in the dictionary. Hones your craft.) Herein lies the Mother Lode!

Things are going to get messy.
I like a tidy desk, a tidy house, an uncluttered mind. But the only way to get there is to empty the drawers, sift through, then pick and choose what gets thrown out and what you want to keep. Think of journaling as birthing — infants come out covered in vernix, the cheesy coating that most nurses scrub off, but the baby would be far better served if it were rubbed in! Journaling helps you trust the wisdom in your gunk.

Journaling makes you a better person and a better writer.
The benefits of keeping a journal include:

  • You get deeply honest with yourself which results in emotional healing
  • You grow into yourself, venturing into the nooks and crannies you are not supposed to explore
  • You can fulfill your potential in areas you have felt stuck … as you become un-stuck
  • You blossom as a writer and artist
  • You (please add your own ideas here … I would love if you share them with me: [email protected])

There are no rules!
One of the joys of journaling is that you personally customize it to your needs and wants. Last email I suggested you get yourself a dedicated notebook in which to journal, and offered you a Table of Contents and page numbering system. If you missed that email, click here. In it, I mention my favorite pen (by the way, it’s also fun to write with colored pens and pencils).

Let’s start journaling.
For those of you who are already journaling, be a beginner again. Drop all notions of what you already know and let yourself be a clean slate. Okay. You’ve selected your pen and paper (physical or digital). Now, let’s begin with some free writing. By that I mean, be incoherent. Jot phrases, make lists, draw pictures, paste in images, use math notations, free associate, make no sense. We’re limbering up your brain so you have access to your uncensored heart. Even if you are a creative person, you have been relentlessly civilized since childhood. It’s time to walk on the wild side. Let yourself make no sense. Ramble, blather and jabber. Make up words. Throw up on the page (figuratively).

You may be surprised to find that some fine, coherent writing occurs after this. Or not. But if not, not to worry. More ideas to come. An endless supply, in fact, because once you tap into your creativity you have tapped into infinity.