The Sensual Mechanics of Journaling

First things first. What are you going to write on?
To enjoy journaling, you want tools that you find pleasurable. I am particular about the pen I use. These days, nothing will do but a Pentel Energel  Metal Tip 0.7mm ballpoint. I love the way it glides … and the feeling of the ink saturating the fibrous material we call paper. They coe in several colors. You can find them at Staples or on Very reasonably priced. And, no, I do not get an affiliate fee (wish I did!).
Next, paper. 
Preferably real paper. I suggest starting with an old-fashioned marble notebook. The reason for this is three-fold: (1) It will evoke childhood (even if not your own). (2) It will organize your writing in one place. (3) It will result in you creating a book. If you must write on another surface, such as in Microsoft Word or on your smartphone, keep your journal organized in one file so you can print it out at some point. You will have a work of art.
There are no rules.
Even though I’m suggesting you use a notebook or organize your writing in a way that you can gather and compile it at a future date, you don’t have to. Nothing I say is mandatory. I’m just giving you pointers that you may use in any way you wish.
And now for the exciting part!
Make a “Reverse” Table of Contents.
Start at the back of your journal. On the last page write “Table of Contents” at the top of the page. Leave enough room above to write the title of your journal. You probably won’t know what it is until you’ve used up the notebook.
Number the Pages.
Take the time to number every single page in your notebook, starting at the front. Your writing will, naturally, begin at the front of the notebook. Each time you make a journal entry, give it a name (like a chapter title) and write that name in the Table of Contents at the back of your notebook. When you reach the final pages, you will bump into your Table of Contents. That’s how you’ll know you’re finished 🙂  Label the notebook “Volume 1” and buy another notebook. Or anything in which you’d like to write. There are so many beautiful journal options these days.